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Tyler Termini is a 17 year old senior who has taken the country by storm with his award winning Aquarium Photography. Tyler currently shoots photos for some of the largest companies in the freshwater and saltwater business world wide. Companies like Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean and all Spectrum Brands. Tyler also shoots for the very famous Ecotech Lighting company, which is the leader in Saltwater Aquarium Lighting. Tyler has worked very hard to get into meeting some of the top shows and distributors of fish across the country, even landing his way to shoot photos for the hit TV show Tanked on Animal Planet in Las Vegas and their go to fish supplier Sea Dwelling Creatures in Los Angeles, CA. In Addition Tyler is the photographer for world wide distribution of Southern Delight Fish Food. Tyler Termini Photography has also done many projects for Texas Angelfish, California Black worms, Your Fish Stuff, Natures Replica and is the main photographer for Scranton Aquarium. Tyler Termini Photography has also been published in the hard back 2016 edition of Photographers Forum and was listed in the Top 100 photographers in his age group out of thousands of entries. Tyler’s photos have also been featured in the November 2016 edition of one of the largest fish hobbyist magazine Tropical Fish Hobbyist with photos pertaining to Discus Fish. Finally Tyler has won numerous awards not only across the country but locally in Northeast, PA with entries over the last several years in the Fine Arts Fiesta which features artist from hundreds of miles around the area.

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In the last several years Tyler has branched out into Wedding Photography, High School Senior Pictures and most recently into Concert Photography which has put him in the spotlight with legendary bands like Run DMC, Foreigner, Patty Labelle, The Steve Miller Band and many more to come. His photos have been used by the bands on their social media sites, websites and most recently Guitar, Saxophonist, Keyboard, Flute, Percussionist Thomas Gimbel of the Legendary Rock Band Foreigner has asked to utilize his photos for an upcoming Album project. Please be sure to scroll down and see some of the AMAZING work Tyler has done! Be sure to like him on Facebook at Tyler Termini’s Photography or simply click the FB link attached to our site! Tyler is available for your next occasion, please be sure to contact us here for his pricing and schedule!

Tyler Termini can definitely make your event most memorable!