“My husband and I had just recently hired Dynamic Duo Entertainment (Chuck and Mary), to supply a photo booth at our wedding, on September 2nd 2016…. Hiring Dynamic Duo was by far one of the best decisions we made in choosing entertainment for our BIG day!
To start, my husband and I were unsure as to whether or not we would get a photo booth for the wedding, then by the time we had finally decided To get one, we were literally days away. Chuck and Mary were very quick with their quote, and then after some research on all companies we had received, we chose to hire “Dynamic Duo.” Once again they were very quick responding, and even met with me (the bride) on Mary’s birthday, and while on a mini getaway, to cover all the details.
The day of the Wedding came, and my husband and I could not of been any happier with the service they provided!! Not only did they look and act professional, but they also made it fun and welcoming for all ages. It didn’t seem as though we had hired 2 strangers, but instead, had hired 2 friends that we knew. Thank you Chuck and Mary for making our day that much more